About Us

KAPE Associates was established by a practicing civil engineer who spent over 15 years in recruitment within the engineering sector.  This gave the company the ability to fully understand client needs thus ensuring that only the most suitable candidates are presented to the client.

The company’s interest is in carefully matching the candidate’s talents, accomplishments and work style with each employer to create a lasting long-term relationship.

We are also able to provide interim solutions, providing temporary staff who can work on short or long term secondments.  At times, this has been a valuable experience for both the individual and client, while allowing each to determine if a longer or permanent position would be of mutual interest.

What we will do:

Review CVs, interview candidates and make recommendations to help strengthen or quantify an individual’s experience.

Coordinate interviews with our clients, guiding candidates through each step of the interview process.  We will communicate regularly with candidates to let them know what to expect, while also providing feedback from the clients.

Coordinate the offer process, and acceptance.

What we won’t do:

We will not charge candidates a fee for our service, as we are compensated by our clients for finding them the talent they need.

Candidates have no obligation to work with us to find a position.  Conversely we cannot guarantee individuals a number of interviews, or a timeframe for employment.

Most importantly, any conversations we may have are 100% confidential and a candidate’s information is not disclosed to anyone without the candidate’s prior permission.

Why Candidates choose KAPE Associates:

Whether candidates are looking to make a change, are between jobs, or want an honest appraisal of their marketability, we treat all job seekers with the dignity they deserve. We are selective about the companies we represent, and provide candidates with an unbiased assessment of the open position.

After a candidate is skilfully matched with a client, we provide this person with on-going support and guidance throughout the hiring process.

What makes us different? 

KAPE Associates understands the challenges our clients face daily, because our senior consultants have hands-on experience in the engineering sector and understand what clients are looking for in individuals at all levels. 

We  understand the importance of matching the candidate’s talent with the mission and vision of the company.